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Special offer

Oriental rug Mir

184×118 cm

9,900Kč 16,460Kč Ex Tax: 8,182Kč

Available immediately

Oriental rug Kashmir Silk Exclusive

185×130 cm

59,900Kč 99,220Kč Ex Tax: 49,504Kč

Available immediately

Persian rug Bakhtiar

300×205 cm

24,900Kč 39,200Kč Ex Tax: 20,579Kč

Available immediately

Oriental rug Bidjar Exclusive

160×90 cm

4,900Kč 7,100Kč Ex Tax: 4,050Kč

Available immediately

Oriental rug Kazak

183×124 cm

11,851Kč 16,930Kč Ex Tax: 9,794Kč

Available immediately

Oriental rug Ariana Exclusive

148×148 cm

29,990Kč 44,770Kč Ex Tax: 24,785Kč

Available immediately

Rug Vulcano

300×200 cm

3,339Kč 4,770Kč Ex Tax: 2,760Kč

Available immediately

Rug California Design

230×160 cm

2,051Kč 2,930Kč Ex Tax: 1,695Kč

Available immediately

Oriental rug Kunduz Royal

234×171 cm

41,900Kč 68,900Kč Ex Tax: 34,628Kč

Available immediately

Modern rug Ikat Royal

243×172 cm

49,990Kč 87,900Kč Ex Tax: 41,314Kč

Available immediately

Oriental rug Tabriz Mahi Royal

338×237 cm

99,900Kč 163,600Kč Ex Tax: 82,562Kč

Available immediately

Modern rug Nepal Exclusive

205×140 cm

8,900Kč 14,640Kč Ex Tax: 7,355Kč

Available immediately

Persian rug Patchwork Modern

233×172 cm

12,320Kč 17,600Kč Ex Tax: 10,182Kč

Available immediately

Oriental rug Jaldar Exclusive

265×174 cm

25,900Kč 44,000Kč Ex Tax: 21,405Kč

Available immediately

Oriental rug Farahan Exclusive

239×172 cm

37,890Kč 62,900Kč Ex Tax: 31,314Kč

Available immediately

Oriental rug Kazak Exclusive

146×101 cm

19,990Kč 30,000Kč Ex Tax: 16,521Kč

Available immediately

Modern rug Vintage Premium

368×286 cm

59,890Kč 92,600Kč Ex Tax: 49,496Kč

Available immediately

Modern rug Structural Kelim Europa

241×155 cm

3,990Kč 6,190Kč Ex Tax: 3,298Kč

Available immediately

Oriental rug Tabriz Royal

305×253 cm

79,890Kč 143,630Kč Ex Tax: 66,025Kč

Available immediately

Oriental rug Kashmir Silk Exclusive

190×128 cm

59,900Kč 100,070Kč Ex Tax: 49,504Kč

Available immediately

Oriental rug Bukhara Exclusive

146×92 cm

7,490Kč 10,900Kč Ex Tax: 6,190Kč

Available immediately

Persian rug Bakhtiar

306×216 cm

28,900Kč 42,110Kč Ex Tax: 23,884Kč

Available immediately

Oriental rug Ariana Exclusive

313×212 cm

94,948Kč 135,640Kč Ex Tax: 78,469Kč

Available immediately

Modern rug Ghorka Royal

250×200 cm

18,890Kč 27,500Kč Ex Tax: 15,612Kč

Available immediately

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