Oriental rug Jaldar Exclusive

148 x 90 cm
12,700Kč 8,890Kč -30%
Ex Tax: 7,347Kč

Product details

  • Product Code: 200168
  • Availability: Available immediately
  • Country of origin: Pakistan
  • Material: Wool / Silk
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Colour: Red / Red-yellow
  • Knots / m2: 200.000 - 500.000


Oriental rug Jaldar Exclusive

Those who are looking for a beautiful and quality piece at a good price should bet on Pakistani Bukhara carpet. They are woven in many colors, from classic reds to vibrant greens and golds. Bukhara is made from wool, sometimes imported from New Zealand. The specific design of the Bukhara derives from the ancient city of the same name in Uzbekistan, where centuries ago nomadic Turkmen tribes first began offering their carpets for sale. The hand-woven Bukharas feature a repeating octagonal motif called "gul", which is Persian for rose. This square octagon is also described as an elephant's foot motif, and it is also believed that gul was a drawing of a round Turkmen tent, while the lines on the carpet represent irrigation channels. The production of Bukhara carpets was particularly popular with artists in Afghanistan and Pakistan, where these Persian rugs are very popular and are produced in many colours and sizes, particularly around the Pakistani city of Lahore. The carpets offer great value for little money as they are considered easier to make than other carpets.


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