Modern rug Kangri Royal

240 x 170 cm
39,000Kč 25,350Kč -35%
Ex Tax: 20,950Kč

Product details

  • Product Code: 100213
  • Availability: Available immediately
  • Country of origin: Nepal
  • Material: Wool / Silk
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Colour: Green / Olive
  • Knots / m2: up to 100.000


Modern rug Kangri Royal

Nepalese carpets are stunning to look at thanks to their simple design. One of the most popular rugs of the last decades. Indian and Nepali rugs are available in a huge range. The price is totally affordable. All these types of carpets are hand knotted and often carry the Care & Fare label. Sign up to see our offers.


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